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Sample Pack l Natural Deodorant (4 Scents)

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Try all the Deodorants! Skeptical about trying a natural deodorant? Can’t decide which smell you’d like best? Need a small to-go size for trips to yoga or for that hiking trip? Have a special friend you want to gift with a nice, usable present?

Look no further! Try a mini version of all four.

Our natural deodorant uses coconut oil, arrowroot powder, baking soda, and essential oils to kill odor-causing bacteria and absorb unwanted moisture. And it works!

You know all that stuff which makes products last a long time? They’re not all that good for you, so we prefer to leave them out. Free from aluminum, propylene glycol and other crap. 100% natural underarm goodness! Best used within six months of purchase.

Try, try, (try, try) again. Why 4-at-once?It ends up costing the same amount to ship one as it is to ship the four.  And – you’d be surprised how many people change their minds once they have it on.  

Some people’s body chemistry just works with some scents, and some just don’t.  That?  And GIFTS!  FRIENDS!  SHARING!  Those are all reasons too.

Simple, chemical free ingredients you can understand. Organic coconut oil Arrowroot powder, Baking soda (naturally aluminum-free) Organic shea butter Organic sunflower oil Local beeswax Vitamin e Essential oils: Different for each deodorant.

Super Fine Details. 4x 10ml For external use only. If skin becomes sensitive to baking soda, spritz underarm with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water before use.

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